Sgts Ev


Key Specification

Affordable & Profitable

35' Powerful Differential

Heavy Duty CR Pipe Dala

Power Saver

Safe Driving Experience


Basic Configuration

Vehicle TypeElectric Cargo
Loading CapacityDriver + 700 Kg
Maintenance Cost10 paise/km*
Battery TypeLead Acid, 135 AH
Charging Time8-10 hrs*
Motor Warranty1 Years
Top Speed25 Km/h
Warranty1 Year or 8000 Km*
Wire Harness1 Year warranty

Heavy Duty CP Pipe Dala

We are using Heavy Duty CR Pipe Dala.

Double Kamani

Six Plate Leaf Spring (Lohaka Brand Kamanl). with 6 Months Warranty.

8 sq mm Wire Harness

Octacore Wire Harness with 1 Year Warrannty.

CR Pipe & CR Chassis

GTS EV using Heavy Duty CR Chassis with 1 Year Warranty.

140 AH Battery

Get 4/5 Battery Operated GTS EV E-Loader with 12/15/36 Months Warranty.

Strong Wheels

Available Alloy Wheel and Steel Wheel with Ceat Tyre & Tube.